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Santa Lucia Cuba is a situated on the Atlantic north coast of Cuba. It is an ideal place for a quiet, relaxed vacation. It is among the major tourist beaches of Cuba. If you wish to go sightseeing, Santa Lucia Cuba will not be the right choice because most of Cuba’s tourist attractions are far away from here. Innumerable people flock to Santa Lucia Cuba annually to enjoy the beautiful sandy white beach that stretches for more than 13 miles.
Santa Lucia Cuba is famous the world over for excellent snorkeling and diving as it has among the world’s biggest unbroken coral reefs that stretch for over 14 miles. It is surpassed only by the Great Australian Barrier Reef. This coral reef, the transparent waters, sunken wrecks of ships and marine life are a paradise for scuba divers as well as the best destination to learn diving. This reef helps to protect and maintain innumerable beaches that stretch between Bracao and Matanzas.

It creates ideal conditions for a swim in the refreshing calm waters or a soothing dip. People coming to Santa Lucia Cuba can indulge in water sports like sailing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving together with a number of other beach activities. The Cubitas Mountains are in Santa Lucia Cuba. They boast of stunning scenery, fascinating wild life and over 300 plant species. You will have a great day exploring these mountains after spending a lot of time sprawled on the beach.
The Sierra de Cubitas is also nearby. It has a number of grottos and caves that you can explore. From Santa Lucia Cuba, you could drive to Camaguey city. The drive would take around an hour. Camaguey has bays, beaches and islands all across 80 miles of the shoreline. Nuevitas is a town that is nearest to Santa Lucia Cuba. It has many hotels. You can reach it by crossing a huge lagoon. Muddy salt flats surround Santa Lucia Cuba. This is where you will find rare flocks of Roseate Flamingos feeding on saltwater life which is found on the flats. It is hot all round the year in Santa Lucia Cuba.

Santa Lucia Cuba

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You can book a direct holiday to this beautiful island of the Caribbean on the Internet. Santa Lucia Cuba is part of the Archipelago of Sabana-Camguey that is also called King’s Garden or Jardines del Rey as it is the biggest that surrounds the island.

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